Sales Office Design, Centaline Property Agency Ltd


Sales Office Design, Centaline Property Agency Ltd

Our design direction at Centaline Property Agency is to upgrade the way to hight-tech contemporary retail office design is performed in Hong Kong.

Centaline Property Agency is at the forefront of office design-build across Hong Kong.

PLOTCREATIVE used white and sheets of wood to feature partition the working spaces of this property agency in South Horizons.

The design team wanted to adapt the struction to better suit the nature of the sales retail office. “We wanted to create a high-tech lifestyle that responds to different space needs,” Creative Director Oscar said. We believe in the concept of modular elements that takes shape through the union of different parts.

Different materials including wood, glass pattern and white coatings. These were used to designate meeting rooms, working desk spaces and property technogles areas.

“We are are an construction and design studio, so the furniture pieces that we develop are always directed to solve or to complement our interior spaces,” said Oscar. “In this case, we designed a set of furniture that relates to the interior project by using the same materials and assembly concept.

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