Ramen Restaurant Design – Ajisen Ramen VII


Ramen Restaurant Design, Ajisen Ramen VII – Nature Zen.

“Ramen restaurants are often imagined to have design aesthetics that tend to be very dark, tradition and somewhat cliché.” Said Oscar.

Spreading over 180 square meters the surprising Ajisen Ramen in Tung Chung Station. It was imagined by creative consultancy PLOTCREATIVE as a place. The design of Japanese tradition modernity and natural clash in a fusion of colors patterns shapes and aromas. Inspiring project, Oscar fascinated with Japanese culture and love authentic traditional ramen so much. Concept inspire by Nature Zen. Meaning “gives insight into one’s true nature or the emptiness of inherent existence which opens the way to a liberated way of living. “

“The interior have been plant to visualize with exterior’s pavilion park which evokes the visualisation of ancient Japanese Zen. Where spatial design show the tradition elements of ramen evolution.” said the chef. so oscar designed the new Ramen experience as a modern reinterpretation of a traditional courtyard restaurant.

A balcony dining area is defined by contemporary Japan House. Plants plan onto the restaurant helping to soften the space and dampen acoustics. The aim was to make the most of the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. The greenery is back-lit in the evenings giving contemporary space a pattern reminiscent of Zen.

Central ceilings design with simple roof’s line light-tub. Tailor-make Lamps drape down from the ceiling with house’s outline tandem a balcony element.

The use of clean lines, minimal decoration and the incorporation of plant elements into the structure lend the restaurant a modernity that reform historical Japanese ramen.

Zen to create a Ramen restaurant assimilate into the outdoor pavilion park.

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