Menya Musashi, Japanese Restaurant Design


Menya Musashi, Japanese Restaurant Design

Menya Musashi is a Ramen store revamp by PLOTCREATIVE used Japanese Samurai culture as reference. Reference its Bushido concept and inspiration for the branding and interior design for this Ramen chain.

The design concept for this project is mainly base on a Japanese Samurai story. The battle between two Japanese samurai warriors: Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojir on the Ganry-Jima island. Different from other ramen restaurants. The design is totally a reinterpretation of Samurai culture with the waves of linear and the geometry on the stone wall. Which have strong movie senses and brings the impressive scenery to all customers.

Upon entering the restaurant, customers will be attracted by the special stone materials which represent the battle environment. The gradually grey glasses led to the duel in the battle movement, let the customers experience a movie action, getting excited about the construction details of movie senses, and feeling stunned by the environment.To imitate Miyamoto Musashi battle with Sasaki Kojir duel on the stony beach, the ceiling geometry form creates the shadow of the sword. The rooftop interprets the destructive mood, brings out the strong movie senses.

Upon reaching the central part of the restaurant, customers can enjoy sword pattern beneath a Samurai concept, surrounded by the marks of sword and irregular patterns on the concrete wall, becoming a real samurai at the moment.
Using the classic material floors by stone tiles has successfully designed the environment of ‘Ganry-Jima island’.
Every customer can enjoy the ramen by the space concept, a reinterpretation for movie senses and battle feel with MenyaMusashi.

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